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Dr. Alicia Medialdea Utande


Dr. Alicia Medialdea Utande

Geography Institute, Südbau, Office 0.18

Otto-Fischer-Str. 4
50674 Köln

Telefon +49 (0) 221-470-8830
E-Mail amediald(at)uni-koeln.de

I am a physicist interested in luminescence dating. My research focuses on the development of optically stimulated luminescence (OSL) as a tool to date the Quaternary. I have been working at the University of Cologne since November 2017 in the CRC-1211 project: “Earth Evolution at the Dry Limit”. The aim of this project is to understand landscape evolution in hyper-arid environments with a special interest in the Atacama Desert. At the Cologne Luminescence Laboratory I have been investigating new procedures like the use of violet stimulation or component resolved luminescence with the aim of extending the age range attainable, and find alternative methods to date sedimentary quartz to which conventional methods of luminescence dating cannot be applied.

Orcid number: 0000-0001-5895-0736

Google Scholar: Alicia Medialdea

Researcher ID: S-1424-2019