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Foreignization of Agricultural Land in Cotacachi, Ecuador

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This research is part of the studies of international retirement migration, land markets and changes in the territory. Using the example of the rural city of Cotacachi in Ecuador, this study analyzes how the sale of agricultural land for the construction of housing developments for retired foreigners is affecting the organization of space and the living conditions of indigenous communities.

Today, Cotacachi is considered one of the world's favorite retirement destinations largely due to the low cost of living, excellent climatic conditions and cheap medical services. Nevertheless, with the massive influx of foreign retires, a number of problems are emerging, which are generating changes in the economic, social and cultural structure, but also leading to complex changes that are taking place in the territory.

Research Activities

In order to identify the different impacts that are taking place in the city, a multi-temporal map of  the growth of foreign-owned properties has been developed, data from the real estate sector has been collected and analyzed, and several semi-structured interviews with key stakeholders and community leaders have been conducted.

Project Head: Prof. Dr. Peter Dannenberg
Investigator: Marcelo Crespo Enríquez
Funding: DAAD (Period 2019-2020)