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National Interest vis-a-vis Local Aspirationsons Regionalization and Urbanization Trajectory in Southern Ethiopia: Special focus on Hawassa City - PhD Project

This project examines trajectories of on regionalization and urbanization process in Southern Ethiopia taking Hawassa city as an example 

The whole project has three objectives: Examine regionalization and urbanization process in southern Ethiopia; (2) Identify and analyze peri-urban dynamics in Hawassa city; and (3) Investigate the trajectories of national policy directives and local aspirations on Hawassa city and its implication on the future of SNNPRS and Hawassa city per se. Currently, we are developing an article on the second objective using multi-temporal and very high resolution remote sensing data.

Investigator: Tesfaye Gebeyehu
FundingCoimbra group Scholarship (August-October 2019)