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  • (from left to right: Lisa-Michelle Bott, Peter Dannenberg, Johanna Fellbrich, Max Nielsen, Rebecca Müller)

The new silk road as ‘Beltscapes’: Duisburg, Darwin and the cities in between – DAAD (2020-2021)


This project aims to examine China´s emerging Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) as  ‘beltscapes’ as a potential new format of global connectiveness and planetary urbanism.


This proposed study aims to analyse 1. explore the impact of BRI on urban development and 2. urban planning in the endpoint cities. Empirically, the study will analyse primary and secondary data on the impacts of BRI on foreign direct investment, patterns of industry specialization/diversification, urbanization and fiscal position of city governments. This includes media and document analysis and qualitative interviews with stakeholders.


Project Head: Prof. Dr. Peter Dannenberg
Investigator: Lisa-Michéle Bott (PhD student), Johanna Fellbrich (Master student)
International partners: Prof. Nicholas Phelps (University of Melbourne), Julie Tian Miao (Senior Lecturer), Xiao Zhang (PhD student), Zhuoya Kang (PhD student)
Funding: DAAD (01/ 2020 – 12/2021)