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Suburbanization in the metropolitan area of Cologne - Bonn since the 1990s

Head of Project:

Prof. Dr. Josef Nipper, Department of Geography, University of Cologne

Since the 1990s in Germany the suburbanization process has been intensified again. At the same time the idea of sustainability plays an increasing role in concepts of developing metropolitan areas. The community of Hennef located in the suburban region of Cologne-Bonn is basically the sample community to carry out a couple of investigations which are orientated towards the following questions:

  • In which way have housing rents and land prices as well as construction of housing been developed in the suburban regions?
  • Do "new" population groups and "new" housing types exist, which start to characterize the progressing suburbanization process?
  • Do tendencies of a stronger segregation exist originated by existing or developing conditions, e.g. increase in rents and land prices, improvements in the street system and the public transit system as well?
  • Does the differentiation between the "old-established population" and the "new immigrants" contribute to segregation?
  • Which role do ideas of sustainability (e.g. higher density in housing) play in development planning of municipalities?