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Current projects


We are currently developing an extension for Lorica, where we can trace geochronological markers through the landscape during the simulations of soil and landscape evolution. This extension of Lorica is named ChronoLorica. The chronological markers that we are including are the age of particle grains, mimicking the luminescence ages of sand grains, and the stocks of different cosmogenic nuclides: meteoric 10Be, in-situ 10Be and in-situ 14C.

The aim of ChronoLorica is three-fold:

  • Calibrate the soil and geomorphological processes in the model by comparing the model results to different measured geochronological markers;
  • Simulate the redistribution of these markers in transient landscapes that are subject to complex boundary conditions, such as shifts in climatic conditions, or abrupt changes in landscapes;
  • Study the effect of natural and anthropogenic soil mixing processes on the chronological information present in soils.