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Aktuelle Forschungsrojekte

SFB 1211: Earth-Evolution at the Dry Limit (DFG gefördert)

Subproject C02: Transport and deposition: Deciphering the late Neogene and Quaternary evolution of alluvial fans along the coastal ranges in the Atacama and Namib deserts | PIs: F. Lehmkuhl (Aachen), D. Brill (Cologne)  > More information

Subproject C08: Hyper-arid landscapes in transition | PI: T. Reimann (Cologne) > More information

Wearing Down (ANR-DFG gefördert)

French-German collaborative research project funded by ANR and DFG which involves researchers from Universities in France (Toulouse, Rennes) and Germany (Cologne, Potsdam). The main objective of the project is to develop new tools for quantifying sediment production and transfer at the Earth’s surface, from weathering and erosion on hillslopes to transport in fluvial systems. PIs: S. Bonnet (Toulouse), T. Reimann (Cologne)