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INGENIoS is the INdo-GErman Network Interaction of Scientists facilitating institutional cooperation between the University of Cologne and the Indian Institute of Science / Bangalore.

The cooperation entails the development of cooperative research projects as well as cooperation in education and teaching. The INGENIoS teaching platform facilitates cooperative and international education particularly with regards to method courses. It currently consists of courses in watershed modelling with SWAT and microclimatic modeling with ENVIMet.

Here is a list of current active members of the University of Cologne within the Indo-German Network Interaction of Scientists (INGENIoS).

The list of participants is open for extension.

Name Research Area Role in INGENIoS
Prof. Dr. Karl Schneider Hydrology, Climatology Coordinator
Prof. Dr. Kirk Junker Environmental Law Co-Coordinator
Sarah-Marleen Dannenberg   International office, administrative support
Nils Eingrüber Urban climate modelling INGENIoS teaching plattform and scientific support
Mrinalini Shinde Environmental law INGENIos teching plattform, IMES
Prof. Dr. Georg Bareth GIS and Remote Sensing Member
Prof. Dr. Christina Bogner Ecosystem Research Member
Prof. Dr. Michael Bollig Ethnology, Man-Environment-Interaction, Political Ecology Member
Prof. Dr. Michael Bonkowski Soil Ecology Member
Prof. Dr. Boris Braun Economic Geography Member
Prof. Dr. Peter Dannenberg Urban and Regional Development Member
Prof. Dr. Axel Klawonn Numerical Mathematics and scientific computation Member
Prof. Dr. Sanjay Mathur Inorganic and Materials Chemistry Member
Prof. Dr. Matthias Pilz Economics and Business Education Member
Prof. Dr. Tony Reimann Geomorphology and Geoarchaeology Member
Prof. Dr. Bülent Tezkan Applied Geophysics Member

List of current active members of the Indian Institute of Science within the Indo-German Network Interaction of Scientists (INGENIoS)

Name Research Area Role in INGENIoS
Prof. Dr. Sekhar Muddu Ground- and surface water hydrology Coordinator
Prof. Dr. Bikramjit Basu Materials Research Member
Prof. Dr. Debraj Gosh Computational methods, parallel computing Member
Prof. Dr. M S Mohan Kumar Water Resources and Environmental Engineering Member
Prof. Dr. Nagesh Kumar Hydrology, Water ressources, Remote Sensing Member
Dr. Lahsminaraya Rao Chemical Engineering Member
Dr Sreenivasan Ramaswami Sustainable technologies, water waste-water Member
Prof. Dr. Srinivar V.V. Hydro-meteorology, extreme events Member