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The research and teaching activities of the group under the direction of Prof. Dr. Peter Dannenberg focus on the following research areas:

Our research on the Global South deals particularly with the societal and ecological consequences of Economic Globalization, including aspects of Development and Sustainability in the Global South as well as human-environmental relations. Our regional focus is on Sub-Saharan Africa (including Kenya, Tanzania, South Africa, Namibia) and South Asia (mainly India).

Our research on European City and Regional Development focuses among other aspects on structural change and deindustrialization (e.g. Berlin, Cologne) as well as new challenges and prospects for agriculture (Central and Eastern Europe)

Also we do research in the area of expertise 'Food Security'.

Teaching content includes globalization and trade, rural areas, human-environment relations (especially environmental governance, political ecology), the global south (especially sub-Saharan Africa, India) and the European Union. Additional lectures on ‘Gesellschaft und Kultur’ (society and culture) are conducted by Dr. Peter Dannenberg.


A selection of third party funded research projects can be found here.