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Cologne Luminescence Laboratory (CLL)

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The CLL is focussed on constraining landscape evolution in a range of environmental settings by using different luminescence dating techniques. The laboratory is equipped with state-of-the-art facilities for measuring equivalent dose and dose rate, including seven luminescence readers and two gamma spectrometers (details about our measurement facilities are provided here). While luminescence dating in research projects of the working group for Geomorphology and Geochronology currently has a focus on soil dynamics, coastal environments, arid environments and geoarchaeology, we also offer to develop luminescence chronologies in the frame of external research collaborations within and outside the University of Cologne. Besides applying luminescence as a tool for dating quaternary sediments, the CLL is also working on the improvment and development of methodological approaches. This includes improvements of luminescence dating approaches but also the investigation of luminescence-based proxies for tracing earth-surfaceand soil processes.