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Here you can find hints on how to use the apps and on the meaning of icons used by the apps. The apps can be used either from your web browser or by using the GeoODK application.

App use with web browser

The apps may be used straight from your web browser. You do not need to install them, they should work on most web browsers and different smart phone operating systems.

You can find a list of the currently available apps here. If you are using the app for the first time, it might be helpful, if you have access to a fast and stable Internet connection. The download of the apps may take a few minutes. So please be patient. The apps are loaded from a server and that may take a while depending on the server traffic. As soon as the app is properly and completely uploaded, please bookmark it, so that you can also use it off-line.

Before using the apps outdoors, we recommend that you test it by going through the form until you reach the end of the app. All images should be shown properly. If you see the text “image” instead of an image, not all parts of the apps have been loaded properly. In this case you may want to reload the page.

To bookmark the app, please hold the address line and save the bookmark. Now you can access the app also off-line. Access to the Internet is not necessary when using the app.

If you have completed the form, the app will provide feedback and you are asked either to store the questionnaire as a draft or send it. Sending the completed questionnaire will occur automatically once you have access to WLAN.

If you have stored the questionnaire as a draft, you will need to manually submit the data at a later time by selecting “Send or Submit”. Please check the icon on the upper left corner of your screen. The number of questionnaires in the send queue is indicated here. All data will remain on your smart phone also if the smart phone is turned off.

Please note that in some web browsers, the images are not displayed properly. This particularly applies for the apps :Phenology and landuse/land cover. if you need the full graphics, please use GeoODK (see below).

Use with GeoODK

On Android systems you may use the GeoODK-App to run the apps. The advantage of using GeoODK is that it will display all images properly, which is sometimes not the case with some browsers.

If you want to use GeoODK please follow these steps:

Install GeoODK-Collect (this will take about 10 minutes). You should have access to a fast Internet connection to install GeoODK. Please follow this simple 11 step procedure.

  1. Download GeoODK from the Playstore (only for android system)
  2. Install GeoODK
  3. Start GeoODK
  4. Select settings
  5. Choose general settings
  6. Select server platform: others
  7. Configure platform settings: URL:
  8. Username: leave blank
  9. Password: blank
  10. Go back to GeoODK settings
  11. Select Form Management
    1. After you have established a connection to the server, please select the forms/apps of interest
    2. Download these forms (sometimes a large quantity of images has to be downloaded)
    3. Check if the download was successful, if not try again. Often the download of individual forms works better.
  12. Done

To collect data:

Open an empty form in GeoODK. Save the form to your smartphone. Than upload the form from your repository. Fill in the form. Once you have access to WLAN, use the function “send data” to submit the data to the server. This way you do not use your mobile data.

You may use the function ”Edit data” to check and correct the data before submission.