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FAQ and known problems when using these apps

We used the GeoODK toolbox to develop these apps. The main advantage of this open source software toolbox is its ease of use to develop apps to collect and store georeferenced information. The apps work with most Internet browsers and are independent of the operating system. Howeve,r there are disadvantages as well. Apps that need many images to illustrate the content sometimes load slowly, particularly on older smartphones. Also sometimes not all images are shown properly. This is often due to incomplete downloads.

Other application issues are:

  • The data you have recorded do not appear on the server: Your data might have been stored as a draft for editing on your smartphone. In the center of the screen at the left edge you will see a marker (small rectangle). Click on it. This will open the queue of data to be edited. Load the datasets one by one and check/edit them. Once you’re done, click send. The data will be uploaded once you have access to WLAN.
  • After updating the app, the app doesn’t work properly: Please try emptying the cache of your browser: settings> apps>select your bowser> memory or storage> empty cache
    The App exists in the browser, but is is not loaded and a brown pulsing ring appears
    • There is no internet access and the browser tries to upload the app again. Set your smartphone in flight modus.