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App list

Here is a list of the apps currently available for environmental observation. The apps may be used straight from your web browser. You do not need to install them, they should work on most web browsers and different smart phone operating systems. If you are using the app for the first time you should have access to WLAN. The download of the apps may take a few minutes. So please be patient. As soon as the app is uploaded, please bookmark it, so that you can also use it off-line.

Unfortunately, there is not feedback on the upload status of the app. Thus, before using the apps outdoors, please test the app by going through the form until you reach the end of the app. All images should be shown properly. If you see the text “image” instead of an image, not all parts of the apps have been loaded properly. In this case you may want to reload the page. To bookmark the app, please hold the address line and save the bookmark. Now you can access the app also off-line. If you have completed the form please press send. Sending the completed questionnaire will occur automatically once you have access to WLAN. Do data charges are incurred

All measurements and observations made with these apps are publicly available. Here is the link to the data.

We would  like to have your feedback about these apps. We are aware that these browser apps have some limitations, particularly with respect to speed of loading, and would like to improve the apps based on your experience.