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Guest Scholars and Doctoral Candidates

The Institute of Geography welcomes all interested guest scholars and doctoral candidates. You can use this page for information on studying and researching at our institute, which is one of the largest geographical institutes in Germany.

The institute's research profile focuses on the field of human-environment relations, and on a bridge between physical geography and anthropogeography. Research includes the following fields:

  • quarternary studies
  • hydrogeography
  • ecosystem modelling
  • pedogeography
  • applied geomorphology
  • megacity research
  • environment oriented economic geography
  • European regional development
  • geographical development research
  • migration movements
  • regional transformation proccesses

Regional focuses are Africa, India, China, Southeast Asia, Australia, North America and Europe (especially the Mediterranean region and Germany). More information on the research profiles and current projects is available here and on the sites of the individual working groups.

The Institute of Geography has organized international workshops, congresses and lecture series with international guests from all over the world (i.e. China, Japan, India, Tanzania, Kenya, Cameroon, and Egypt). Our Guest Scholars (senior fellows) and international doctoral candidates are involved in research and teaching at the Institute of Geography.

For information on doctoral degrees, please contact the Graduate School of Geogsciences (GSGS):

Dr. Karin Boessenkool, Manager of the Graduate School of Geosciences (Department of Geosciences, University of Cologne) @: