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MASS: Teaching materials to Motivate and Attact students to science

In the EU-H2020-funded project Motivate and Attract Students to Science (MASS), collections of materials were developed for teachers to help get students excited about science.

The MASS project has developed material packages for each project topic, which contain many exemplary lesson plans and teaching units as well as guidelines with didactic background information and implementation and application recommendations for teaching and learning methods and digital tools.

All materials were developed in collaboration with teachers. In addition, the materials are based on the results of a large-scale survey at the beginning of the MASS project. By interviewing teachers, this survey identified specific criteria for teaching materials and learning activities that have a high potential to inspire pupils for science subjects.

Particular focal points are

  • Access to the natural sciences through digital media

  • Early experiences with inquiry-based learning

  • Access to the natural sciences for underachieving pupils

Detailed information can be found on the MASS website.

The project was funded by the EU as part of project no. 539768-LLP-1-2013-1-CZ-COMENIUS-CNW.

Contact person: Prof. Dr. Karl Schneider