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Cologne Geomorphological Software Laboratory (CGSL)

The Cologne Geomorphological Software Laboratory (CGSL) is a new laboratory dedicated to developing modelling tools to aid soil and geomorphological research.

Computer models are essential tools in science, because they can help solve problems that are too complex or difficult to solve with other methods. For example, models can reach beyond observations by interpolation or extrapolation, they can process and analyse big datasets, and they can calculate past and future changes in landscapes. In physical geography, computer models describe the world around us in a set of equations. These can be simple statistical relations between two measured properties, but can also be large sets of equations that describe the flow of water, the changes in climate or the erosion of landscapes.

The CGSL develops and applies different types of models for studying the evolution of soil and landscapes, for analysing and extrapolating field and geochronological data, and for semi-automated geomorphological mapping. More information on the different models can be found here.

The CGSL is part of the working group for Geomorphology and Geochronology, of the Institute of Geography at the University of Cologne. It was founded in 2021 and is currently in its start-up phase. You can get in contact if you have ideas for collaboration or if you need help with modelling for your own research.