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Dr. Christian Willmes


Dr. Christian Willmes

Südbau, Raum 0.11

Otto-Fischer-Straße 4
50674 Köln

Telephone +49-(0)221-470-6234
Fax +49-(0)221-470-7152
E-mail c.willmes(at)


Current Position:

Scientific Staff - Geospatial Datamanagement, Collaborative Research Center 806

Research interests:

My main research interests are in the folowing topics:

  • GIS and Spatial Analysis
  • Environmental Modelling
  • Web based GeoInformation Systems (WebGIS)
  • Spatio-Temporal Data Modeling
  • Open Science (Open Data, Open Source, Open Access)
  • Spatial Data Infrastructures (SDI)
  • Research Data Management
  • Climate Change

I work on this topics with a focus on paleoenvironmental and archaeological questions.


  • SoSe 21: Einführung GIS; Introduction to GIS (IMES & CEA)
  • WS 20/21: Räumliche Analysen I
  • SoSe 20: Einführung in GIS
  • WS 18/19: Free & Open: Erfassung, Verwaltung, Analyse, Präsentation frei verfügbarer Geodaten mit QGIS und Co.
  • WS 16/17: Lektüreseminar Klimawandel
  • WS 11/12: Anwendung mathematischer Verfahren
  • SoSe 11:   Einführung in GIS
  • WS 10/11: Servicelearning: Openstreetmap für Köln-Kalk 


Stephanie Kusch, Gesine Mollenhauer, Christian Willmes, Jens Hefter, Timothy I. Eglinton, Valier Galy (2021): Controls on the age of plant waxes in marine sediments – A global synthesis. Organic Geochemistry, Volume 157, pages 104259, doi:

Rodríguez, Jesús, Christian Willmes, und Ana Mateos. „Shivering in the Pleistocene. Human Adaptations to Cold Exposure in Western Europe from MIS 14 to MIS 11“. Journal of Human Evolution 153 (April 2021): 102966.

Gehlen, B., Zickel, M., Affolter, J., Vogl, K., Willmes, C. (2021): Potential raw material sources for the production of lithic artefacts in  western Central Europe - GIS-data for the Rhineland, Westphalia, and the  Benelux countries. Elsevier – In: Quaternary International, DOI: .

Willmes, C.; Niedziółka, K.; Serbe, B.; Grimm, S.B.; Groß, D.; Miebach, A.; Märker, M.; Henselowsky, F.; Gamisch, A.; Rostami, M.; Mateos, A.; Rodríguez, J.; Limberg, H.; Schmidt, I.; Müller, M.; Hölzchen, E.; Holthausen, M.; Klein, K.; Wegener, C.; Weninger, B.; Nielsen, T.K.; Otto, T.; Weniger, G.-C.; Bubenzer, O.; Bareth, G. (2020): State of the Art in Paleoenvironment Mapping for Modeling Applications in Archeology—Summary, Conclusions, and Future Directions from the PaleoMaps Workshop. Quaternary, 3, 13. URL:

Willmes, Christian; Viehberg, Finn; Esteban Lopez, Sarah; Bareth, Georg (2018): "CRC806-KB: A Semantic MediaWiki Based Collaborative Knowledge Base for an Interdisciplinary Research Project." Data 3, no. 4: 44. URL:

Willmes, C., Becker, D., Verheul, J., Yener, Y., Zickel, M., Bolten, A., Bubenzer, O., Bareth, G. (2017): PaleoMaps: SDI for open paleoenvironmental GIS data. IJSDIR, Vol. 12, 39-61, DOI: 10.2902/1725-0463.2017.12.art3 , URL:

Becker, D., de Andrés-Herrero, M., Willmes, C., Weniger, G., Bareth, G. (2017): Investigating the Influence of Different DEMs on GIS-Based Cost Distance Modeling for Site Catchment Analysis of Prehistoric Sites in Andalusia. MDPI – In: ISPRS Int. J. Geo-Inf. , Vol. 6(2), DOI: 10.3390/ijgi6020036

Willmes, C., Becker, D., Brocks, S., Hütt, C. and Bareth, G. (2017): High Resolution Köppen-Geiger Classifications of Paleoclimate Simulations. Transactions in GIS. 21, 57- 73. doi:10.1111/tgis.12187 [Link] [CRC806-Databse]

Willmes, C., (2016): CRC806-Database: A semantic e-Science infrastructure for an interdisciplinary research centre. PhD Thesis, University of Cologne. url:

Willmes, C., Becker, D., Verheul, J., Yener, Y., Zickel, M., Bolten, A., Bubenzer, O., Bareth, G. (2016): An Open Science approach to GIS-based paleoenvironment data. ISPRS Ann. Photogramm. Remote Sens. Spatial Inf. Sci. III-2, 159- 164 . DOI: 10.5194/isprs-annals-III-2-159-2016. [Link]

Willmes, C., Yener, Y., Gilgenberg, A., Bareth, G. (2016): CRC806-Database: Integrating Typo3 with GeoNode and CKAN. Geographisches Institut der Universität zu Köln, Kölner Geographische Arbeiten, Vol. 96, DOI: 10.5880/TR32DB.KGA96.17

Curdt, C., Willmes, C. (2016): Proceedings of the 2nd Data Management Workshop, 28.-29.11.2014, University of Cologne, Germany. Geographisches Institut der Universität zu Köln - Kölner Geographische Arbeiten, Vol. 96, DOI: 10.5880/TR32DB.KGA96.1

Märker, M., Willmes, C., Hochschild, V., Bareth, G. (2016): How to Exchange Data between DB Systems on Early Humans. A Case Study Based on the CRC806-Database and the ROCEEH ROAD System. Geographisches Institut der Universität zu Köln, Kölner Geographische Arbeiten, Vol. 96, DOI: 10.5880/TR32DB.KGA96.9

Becker, D., Willmes, C., Weniger, G., Bareth, G. (2016): A plugin to interface openModeller from QGIS for species' potential distribution modelling. ISPRS. ISPRS Ann. Photogramm. Remote Sens. Spatial Inf. Sci., Vol. III-7, DOI: 10.5194/isprs-annals-III-7-251-2016

Viehberg, F. A., Willmes, C., Esteban, S., Vogelsang, R. (2015): A semantic wiki as repository to review published palaeo-data in East Africa. CRC806-Database, University of Cologne, Collaborative Research Centre 806, DOI: 10.5880/SFB806.10

Willmes, C., Kürner, D. and Bareth, G. (2014): Building Research Data Management Infrastructure using Open Source Software. Transactions in GIS. doi: 10.1111/tgis.12060 [Link]

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Willmes, C., Weskamm, J., Baaser, U., Hinzen, K.-G., Bareth, G. (2008): SeismoGIS: A tool for the visualization of earthquake data. - Proc. XXI ISPRS Congress, 3-11 July 2008, Beijing, China.

Willmes, C. und Weskamm, J. (2007): SeismoGIS - Ein GISTool zur Analyse von Erdbebendaten für die Erdbebenstation der Universität zu Köln.In: Strobl, J., Blaschke, T., Griesebner, G. (eds): Angewandte Geoinformatik 2007, Wichman Verlag, Heidelberg, ISBN: 978-3-87907-451-8, pp. 858 - 866.