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Overview of the courses in WS 2020/21:

All courses will be held in german and online.

Prof. Dr. Frauke Kraas

Franziska Krachten

  • Seminar/Practice: Population and City

PD Dr. Carsten Butsch

  • Seminar: Urban Transformation in Asia
  • Practical Training: Digitisation finds City

Overview of the courses in SS 2020:

All courses will be held in german.

Prof. Dr. Frauke Kraas

  • Lecture: Urban development in Asia
  • Lecture: Environment and Society in Iceland
  • Seminar: Urban risk research
  • Internship: Integrated urban development in Cologne: risks and safety
  • Big excursion: Urban and regional development in the south of Myanmar and Thailand (if this can take place due to the Corona pandemic)

MA Sarah Luft

  • Seminar: Border cities in Asia and Europe

Dr. Sophie-Bo Heinkel

  • Seminar: Introduction to Geographical Health Research

PD Dr. Carsten Butsch

  • will not be holding any courses at the University of Cologne this semester, as he will be representing the Chair of Human Geography at the Institute of Geography at the University of Heidelberg.

Details and all other courses of the institute can be found on klips 2.0.