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In the following, the titles of some of the theses that have been supervised by Prof. Dr. Kraas so far are listed. This overview is intended to show possible topics for theses at the chair of "Urban and Social Geography" and to be an inspiration.


Final theses for the Bachelor degree


  • Manuel Keischgens (BSc): Auswirkungen des Online-Handels auf das Einkaufsverhalten im Mittelzentrum Düren


  • Joshua Bühler (BSc): Überschwemmungsrisiken in Yangon Region/Myanmar: Adaptation und Mitigation
  • Alexander Stelzer (BSc): Public Youth Drinking Spaces in Kallio, Helsinki


  • Simon Smaka (BSc): Polyzentrische Stadt(teil)entwicklung in Köln: Veränderung der Einzelhandelsstruktur in Köln-Mühlheim (2006-2018)
  • Maïté Fecchi (BSc): Nachhaltiges Wohnen in Belval/Luxemburg: Evaluation der Lebensqualität im neuen Stadtquartier


Final theses for the Master degree


  • Milena Wald (MSc): Urban Heritage Conservation and Urban Development in Battambang, Cambodia
  • Robert Sabelfeld (MSc): Cohousing: A Suitable Strategy for Ageing in Place? Lessons Learnt from Bonn, Germany
  • Sarah Rabe (MSc): Livelihoods of fishers in the floating villages on Tonle Sap Lake, Siem Reap Province/Cambodia
  • Lisa Münchhalfen (MSc): Afforestation in Egilsstaðir/Iceland: Concepts and Actors


  • Lukas Nett (MEdu): Mit dem Fahrrad zur Arbeit?! Zur Verkehrsmittelwah Kölner Arbeitnehmender
  • Michael Koch (MSc): Urban Markets and Street Food Vendors in Khon Kaen, Thailand


  • Kay Rosenbach (MSc): Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) in Myanmar - Perceptions, Awareness and Potentials in High School and University Education
  • Michele Kiefer (MSc): Peri-Urban Agriculture in Yangon/Myanmar. Impacts of Urban Transformation Processes on Native Farming Households in Insein Township
  • Annika Seitz (MEdu): Transnational Networks of Indian Students in Germany


  • Sarah Luft (MA): Offshore Diving Tourism as Key Factor of Regional Development at the Andaman Coast. The Case of Khao Lak, Phang Nga Province, Thailand
  • Arne Hennig (MSc): Social Media, Collaborative Web Platforms, and Crisis Mapping - Application of Web Technologies in Disaster Management in Jakarta/Indonesia
  • Andreas Krause (MSc): Auswirkungen studentischer Migration und Remigration in Guangzhou, China


If you are interested in writing your thesis under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Kraas, please contact her with your topic idea.